• Corporation Data Land area 20.000 m2 Manufacturing area 10.000 m2 The factory utilised the latest manufacturing techniques, fully fitted with the CNC Robotic Machinery
• Products & Service
Our design & manufacture idea is strict in safety, humanized in using, excellent in performance. We are using latest European licienced softwares.
Our staff have many years of experience in the elevator industry and are responsible for the design of our products so in turn will always provide a quick answer for any technical questions.
• Marketing
Products sold over 25 countries around the world. Such as Middle East, Russia, Asia, Europe, Africa.
• Reliable Company
llgenler Ltd. was formed in 1971. Today llgenler is Designing, Producing and Marketing complete elevator systems under the trade mark of EMAK, to the world wide.
Our founder: Nuh İLGEN

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